OK...I thought it was supposed to be Spring?!

Right now...am I smelling pretty wild flowers sprouting out of a lush green earth with hay fever threatening to overwhelm the senses as a fresh poof of pollen saturates the air on a bluebird day?

Instead I'm shoveling somewhere around 10 inches of snow out of my driveway only to have it covered again by the next 8 to 10 expected to fall within the next 24 hours.

March Snow

I give you spring in Colorado.

So heres the plan, we're packing up the family to go rubber tramping the country. Quit my job, buy a beat up old Greyhound Bus, and do odd jobs on the road. Warm aired states in the winter and sweet alpine in the summer. School? Teach the youngins on the road I would. Lessons learned best are those learned through life anyway right?!

Meh, I guess I'll stick it out. You just have to take it as life in Colorado. When it snows today, tomorrow it'll be 70 degrees and that snow a distant memory...till then I'll be dreaming of riding like this within just a few short months....




March 24, 2010 at 8:01 AM

Supposed to be 74 here today :P

  the original big ring

March 26, 2010 at 11:16 AM

crazy here too. yesterday in the afternoon it was +14 degrees, then at night it went down to -15 degrees. too damn cold, but at least i don't have snow to shovel

working on my flight to CO - will let you know