Oh Gawd...Pueblo again


I'm sure by now your thinking...."geez goatboy, don't you know theres more to Colorado then Pweeblo?" A non riding goat though is a depressed goat and riding bike paths just were not doing it for me. Tuesday's dumping of 20 inches of east coast like wet snow, not the 20 inches, just the wet, has our trails saturated to the max. Unlike the east coast that tends to soak up the water, ours is a clay dirt that when wet will turn your average 25-30 lb mountain rig into an 80 lb anchor. Not to mention the locals tend to flog those who ride bikes on wet trails.


I searched and I searched but apparently Pueblo is the only thing that knows how to dry and avoid the snow. So I texted a few fellas and expected the same ol response of we don't get up at the crack of butt ass early but instead got a response that shocked me...AV Boy, Canyonrat and PBR would be leaving Denver Metro at 5:30am...Thats 5am from my place fellas.


I had a route in mind and and we stomped it out, some 40 miles worth, I was shootin for 50 but through some time lost for the Prima Donna to fix his hair and show up late to the trailhead we missed those final 10.


Seems these fellas are like cats...scared to get their paws wet. I gave PBR a push and he finally relented but I had to show em how to make a good ol wave when crossing wide, deep waters.

Pueblo 023

Finally I convinced Canyonrat that the water was great and he misses the sunken bridge


Yours truly flyin through one of the many corners on Outer Limits

Pueblo 016

Canyonrat's brand new ride broken in right on its maiden voyage. AV Boy had a new ride to but stripped it of any identifiable markings and threatened death to any who tried to capture an image....all I can release, its a piece of Homegrown Colorado Titanium.


No worries folks, its in the 60's and 70's for the rest of the week, till the weather man gets it wrong again but if he is right, we might have some local Front Range pictures available and then there is always Fruita in a few weeks as well.


Fruita, CO


  Sean Scott

March 30, 2010 at 11:06 AM

hmm, what happened here?


The camera did inspire him to get to his feet pretty quick!

  Kevin aka. PBR

March 30, 2010 at 9:58 PM

nIce! i didnt know canyonrat missed the bridge! now thats funny!