Another Week in the life

So in this week to date....

Missus Goat and myself continue to plan the illustrious demise of the world. It will most likely include bicycles and yarn.

(yes, I'll take the part of Pinky in this one)

Missus Goat turned 30

Tabetha's 30!!!

and the children have threatened mass destruction

I did manage a few rides this week and by the third and final night I got to ride with, "the little Jackalope on the Bike" and , The Chad. Both are extremely strong son of a bitches and had my legs feeling like a quivering mass of Jello within 2.5 seconds of hitting the trails. Luckily my mass as a Clydesdale, gears and skills as a downhill rider allowed me the brief respite of their presence any time the trail turned into a technical descent, including the always fun, Dakota Ridge.

Chad on Hayden at Dusk

The Chad at dusk on Green Mtn

After a week of 60-70 degree weather a cold front hit on Friday and dropped temps down to the 30's and dumped about 7-8 inches of snow on Lakewood. This kinda soured my mood for a ride so instead I hung out with my girls and finally got Sophie on the Trail a Bike. It'll be a few months before she is tall enough for me to trust her on it on the trails but for tooling around the neighborhood, this has us stoked.



Of course,Ayla is still rippin it up and scaring her Momma..