Little trouble in the Down Under

This past Saturday Bad Andy and Lubes joined me for a trip down to Pueblo.The Soma must be realizing I'm replacing it as its starting to treat me bad. First off, its cracked. I hate to even admit it but this is the third Juice I've cracked in a year. Soma and the Merry Sales Co have been great about replacing the frames and now we have worked out a deal on a Double Cross instead.
Lets see what else..
I lost my camera...ending up finding it within the confines of Skull Canyon, my front brake went out on my 5 year old Hayes HFX 9's, and I ended up breaking two rear quick releases which made four hours of driving into about an hour and a half or so of riding. I let the fellas go on without me, no sense in killing every ones day. Bad Andy and myself made up for it Sunday morning with a Heathen's FIFO in Lair O the Bear from 5am till 7am and I met the Ameoba Light Guy and friends this morning from 5am till 6:30am for a ride at White Ranch.

I did make up for Thursday night's fiasco by switching the drive train on the Soma over to a 34x22 singlespeed. 45 gear inches is just right for what the Front Range can throw at me.

Pics from Puebl0

Startin the day
Lubes and Andy on the Duke
Bad Andy on the Duke
Andy on the Duke
The bottom of Skull Canyon
Andy and Lubes in Skull Canyon
Hooters at South Shore
South Shore and Hooters
Lubes in Hooters
Lubes in Hooters
Lubes in Hooters
Bad Andy in Hooters
Andy in Hooters
Fuggin Mechanicals!
Fuggin mechanicals