2010 New Years Ride

Back in the day....when the Goat was still ridin little wheels and suspension I used to throw some pretty spectacular New Year's Rides.

40 + miles, guaranteed to take you on some trails you never hit before...Next year...That comes back...

2008 was a bit delayed due to the birth of my second girl just a few months earlier but I made up for it in March with one of my tours

New Year's 2007

New Years 2006

New Years 2005

For now though a little mini cruiser with PBR and Lubes satisfies the legs that has just about gone into atrophy from lack of use.

They paved the trail?

They paved the trail?

a little climbing...that's better






Lubes and some views....

Lubes and some views

PBR going fast

PBR going fast

Lubes shows even guys with big "jugs" can go fast

Lubes and his "jugs" going fast

PBR in the Bobsled chute


PBR and some views

PBR and some more views

On the Way home

PBR coming down the meadow