Even Macgyver can do a trailside repair on an Alfine

What can't be fixed without a little duct tape, gum, and a random assortment of tie bands?
Yes sir even the Alfine can if you have a little can do, spunk and hold your tongue in the right spot.
The trails surrounding Golden(seeing as I live closer to Golden then the Megatropolis I should give credit where credit is due) are still the gooey mess from all the slow snow melt in the area and we, the TITS crew still wanted to ride.

Iron Works

The plan was to meet at Ironworks for a few brews then a spin on the bike paths. I made it to Ironworks by bike, I hung with the smallish crew that showed up, I had my brew...a stout of course while the others enjoyed their IPA's.

Tie Banded Alfine

Not even 500 yards into the ride leavin Ironworks my chain drops. My chain has dropped before but in a random series of freak events this time the cable end for my Alfine gets caught in the chain as I'm still trying to churn another revolution from my cranks ripping the cable through the cassette joint, cracking it.

tie banded Alfine

Before I go on, understand the cassette joint is a easily replaceable part on the Alfine. Consider it like a derailleur and the $10-12 bucks for a new one doesn't seem so bad.
There is a bad part though, I don't carry a spare since this is the 1st time the Alfine has ever required a trail side repair from the time when I started riding it in May and my cable was a shredded mess.
Now understand the Alfine was perfectly functional now as a singlespeed and we were riding bike paths. The Alfine however is a Low normal transmission system which means without the cassette joint to put tension on the axle of the hub my singlespeed gearing was the equivalent of a 32x34.

Tie Banded Alfine

In other words I'd be spinning my ass off going no where fast.

I was about to hang my head low and go back to Ironworks for another beer when PBR offered up some tie bands. Between the lot of us, we were able to rig the Alfine to a 32x23 gearing which while still unfavorable for the riding, a little more reasonable.
1/4 mile later though the tie bands start slipping and having no desire to stop the guys I turned around and headed back to Ironworks, this time for the Scottish Ale.Calling it a night I check the hub and tighten the tie bands to give me my 32x23 gearing or as those only familiar with the Alfine will know, yellow line to yellow line.

Spinning my happy ass home I find the a new addition for the yet to arrived Falcon. An Origin8 Pro-Pulsion Headset. Ano Blue, sealed bearings and only 93 grams. For you weight weenies...that's 5 grams less then a Chris King.

Orgin8 Pro Pulsion