2 wheels for the little one and a Falcon Complete

Bragging rights have to come first and foremost.

Ayla Ridin

My oldest girl, Ayla(4 year and a half) has learned to ride a bicycle without the need of training wheels and without the need of daddy's helping hand.

Though Sophie has a two wheeled Glider she still prefers the trike. Time and hieght will help with this one.

Sophie and her tricycle

On to the Falcon...who is now complete

The Falcon

She has been man handled, roughed up

Broken Hip

and proven to be a machine capable.

Broken Hip

For all the detailed high res pics, check out my post on the MTBR 29er Forums.


  the original big ring

January 25, 2010 at 6:54 PM

you need to stick some of Sophie's streamers on your new ride . . . then it'd be complete!

nice ride dude! Enjoy.


P.s. consider seven days in PA at the end of May beginning of June