Maybe I just need to move back East

Lets face it folks....I just don't know how to ride a mountain bike when the trails aren't saturated.


I also managed to clip the tip of my thumb off, clipped my chin, ate some gravel and managed to put a little damage into that lump of cartilage on my face that passes for a nose.

Just another bad ass ride at Buffalo Creek last night. 29 miles and a little over 3,000 ft of climbing at an almost intolerable pace. Good thing there was some stops or this Goat would've been cooked for dinner over the campfire. An old buddy, Bob Lamberson...aka The Great White Goat, from Tennessee is in town. Seems his son, Wesly has become a little hot rod on the bike and gotten himself sponsored. His team is in town for the Nationals at Sol Vista next week and even though Wes couldn't join us since his coach has him on such a regimented training schedule his Dad sure taught us even the boys from low elevation can hammer.


I remember taking Wes, The Great White Goat and Duckman on a 50 miler mountain bike ride back around Kitsuma, and the Curtis Creek Heartbreak loop. Wes was 13 at the time, did it on a singlespeed, hung with me most of the ride, leaving his Dad and Duckman in the dust and later went on to finish the ORAMM that year. Another fact about Wes is he has a full scholarship to a college in Kentucky to race for their mountain bike team.


Spike, Little E and PBR were on fire tonight to make sure The Great White Goat had his share of fast boys and I think I even threw down once or twice. Buffalo Creek was throwing out its share of Blood Letting too. I think only PBR walked away with nary a crash to his name.


No riding this weekend. Mrs. Goat took off for some cleansing and such at a Yoga Retreat up near Nederland. I'll be hanging with the little ladies, taking em to a Bar-b-que over at Lube's place, going swimming, maybe a hike, and just chilling.

Next weekend though, Ol Northstar will be in town with some buddies who are doing the nationals as well so I offered to take him on a sweet above treeline ride. I told em to have some cash on him for the bottled O2. I don't think he was thinking I was serious on this but we all saw what the Breck did to the Dicky.

canned O2

Funny thing is 1st time I've ever seen a bottle of this stuff it was during the 55 miler Lubes, PBR and myself did a few weeks ago. Wonder if Dicky stocked up?


  Kevin aka. PBR

July 11, 2009 at 8:51 PM

You get blood on those purdy new shoes?!