CT Section One & Indian Creek


Sunday I went down to Waterton Canyon and hit an out and back on the Colorado Trail to the South Platte River and then hit up the Indian Creek Loop with an ending on the Unmarked Stephen's Gulch. 44 miles, almost 6,000 ft of climbing in the lush jungle.


Not even 1/4 mile onto the Colorado Trail I came upon a doe and a fawn nursing right in the middle of the trail. I was to slow with the camera to catch it as they both bolted when they saw me but the doe ran upslope of the trail and the fawn stayed right on the trail. As I passed the doe I told her to go get her baby but she stayed put. 50 yards later I had new traveling companions for about 1/2 mile. The fawn leading the way, bolting around the next corner every time he saw me and the doe following behind me...staying about 20 yards back. Finally the fawn ran down slope on the last switchback up to Lenny's Rest and the doe followed suit.


The Colorado Trail getting thick and lush



Looking west from the high point of section one of the Colorado Trail at 7532 ft


South Platte Trailhead


Back up the Colorado Trail


and on to Lenny's Rest


The Indian Creek Equestrian Center...funny enough I saw didn't see a single horse but 2 herds of mountain bikers at least 30 head strong each. The 1st group was friendly enough...The second acted like deer frozen scared in a set of headlights and I had to shove my way through them. I almost expected these folks to Moo at me since they were acting so much like grazing cattle.


My first Columbine...Indian Creek was full of them


The final descent back to Waterton Canyon...Stephen's Gulch...just a wee bit overgrown but so much fun.


  Northstar Bikes

July 9, 2009 at 7:59 AM

Great photos, can't wait to get out there and ride!