Breckenridge Brewery


Monday afternoon Eddie got in touch with me after riding Monarch Crest with a buddy from Colorado Springs. We met up at the Breckenridge Brewery in downtown Denver, caught up on old times and BS'd a bit while eating some of Breckenridge's Carolina BBQ and chasing it down with some of the Brewery's best liquids. Being a Carolina boy myself and a coastal Carolina Boy at that, where real BBQ is made, I give the Brewery's BBQ a good solid thumb's up! Their brew is pretty sweet as well and as usual I was partial to the Stout.


Eddie is a part time beer slinger at Sweetwater Brewery out of Atlanta, Ga and happened to be wearing his hat which caught the general manager's attention. It ended up getting us small private tour of the brewery's Vats and myself a free bottle of the good stuff.



Good Times Eddie! Next time we're hitting some Colorado Back Country for sure!