Battle of the Wounded Knee

I went back to Colorado Springs on Saturday with a posse from Denver including newly relocated Luis from Tampa. Other fellas included PBR, Slow and Bsoft. Luis and myself have been friends for a few years now and he was even my Pisgah Mountain Bike Race partner back in 2008. Luis has always been a strong little fella but according to him he had two months off the bike before this ride. You couldn't tell though since he was rocking the climbs and the descents at the front of the group.

I got my ambition wiped out of me just a mile or so into the 1st downhill where I wiped out on some ice, took a digger that knocked the breath out of me and gashed and sprained my left knee.

Photo Cred: PBR

After that I was crawling at the back of the pack on the climbs and I was wigging out on some of the wasn't till we made it back to the Chutes at the end of the ride where some of my downhilling prowness  started coming back in full force.

Here's a video I shot of Buckhorn and Jacks....always fun descents and yeah I was wiggin out but trying to keep the speed up.

The Springs NIght Riding

Just to say, the Riding in Colorado Springs is rocking with snow dusted trails that just love to absorb the moisture while the rest of the Front Range is suffering with snow and mud. I made it down to the local Springs ride on Wednesday and its just what I needed. Another trip down there is in the works for tomorrow.

Photos cred: Jaydude

Back in the CO

I've been back in Colorado for over a week now and I've gotta say, despite the snow and cold, it's good to be home. I might be a westerner after all as I've missed the terrain, my family and friends. I was able to get in a run a few times last week, a hike with the girls at Matthew Winters and a couple of snow rides/ hikes.

A Photo run down...

Snow Hike at Matthew Winters P1070041_1 P1070052_1 Despite the snow and cold, we almost always ride Thursdays P1070072

and Yesterday's ride with Bsoft and a newcomer

P1070083 P1070085 P1070089

Yeah, I need a Fat Bike