Back in the CO

I've been back in Colorado for over a week now and I've gotta say, despite the snow and cold, it's good to be home. I might be a westerner after all as I've missed the terrain, my family and friends. I was able to get in a run a few times last week, a hike with the girls at Matthew Winters and a couple of snow rides/ hikes.

A Photo run down...

Snow Hike at Matthew Winters P1070041_1 P1070052_1 Despite the snow and cold, we almost always ride Thursdays P1070072

and Yesterday's ride with Bsoft and a newcomer

P1070083 P1070085 P1070089

Yeah, I need a Fat Bike



  the original big ring

February 13, 2012 at 6:41 PM

Bahahahaa! I recon you do need a fat bike with all that snow. Best purchase I've made in a long while. I foresee riding it often during the rest of the year.