Exploring The ATG Triangle

P1060863 That's the Alabama> Tennesee> Georgia Triangle. During the week my hours at work consume all the daylight and all I'm left with is Daybreak and Twilight. Unforunately all the trails in Huntsville are closed to night riding but to make up the lack in riding fitness I took up running two nights a week. It seems to be working as I got in almost 60 miles on the singlespeed this past weekend between Oak Mtn State Park in Birmingham, AL and Cloudland Canyon in Rising Fawn, GA. The weekend before I snuck in a 20 mile ride at Raccoon Mtn in Chattanooga, TN. P1060858 At Raccoon Mtn I hooked up with some locals on a we're not going fast but we're going fast ride. The trails in the area make the most of the terrian to make it a up and down always churnning the pedals kind of ride. I took some video with the Gopro that I may be able to post up later but the slow internet hotel has limited that. P1060851 This weekend's ride at the famed Oak Mtn in Birmingham was just as promised. So much fun n swoop singletrack with a bit of tech at the end. The only dissapointment was the famed, "Blood Rock" which was about 50 yards of rock garden that compared to most of the surrounding swooping singletrack. It was still cool though and the newest additions of singletrack on the Mountain including Boulder Ridge and the West Ridge were a blast of off camber boulder riding and rocky singletrack. P1060872 Sunday I went to Rising Fawn, GA with a light rain falling all day. I went to explore the new 5 points singletrack at Cloudland State Park. This was a cool trail system that had a center starting point to a network of trails equaling about 20 miles or so. All of it drained super well and was fun in swoopy as well. Plans are in the air for this coming weekend. Thoughts of the Pinhoti Trail near Dalton or Mulberry Gap, GA come to mind. P1060882 P1060883 P1060890 P1060894


  Kevin aka. PBR

January 13, 2012 at 5:37 PM

Looks pretty tasty!

  the original big ring

January 15, 2012 at 7:29 PM

The diSSent is resurrected?