Off to Centennial Cone


Nothing big of late, though there has been 3 local rides this past week. Last weekend I camped with the girls and on Sunday we cruised over to Eldora to watch the Mad Scientist participate in his 1st triathlon ever.


Only notable ride this week was that of Centennial Cone last night with the TITs crew.

Centennial Cone

We started in Clear Creek Canyon on the Mayhem Gulch trail and got in a nice little lollipop looping the top.

some doubletrack, still fun to ride

Double track

An old farm stead graces the top meadow


but that all quickly gives way to singletrack and the real fun of the night


Rick on his Team Yo Eddy Fat Chance, complete with a Fat Chance Fork

Rick and the Fat Chance

Meet Funrover..Dude is the linebacker of mountain biking but I've seen this snowcat pull moves in the techy that I can only dream about. Somehow he does it all with the skill and grace of a squirrel while keeping us all on our toes waiting to see what he is gonna pull next.


One last shot before the trail just became to good to stop for more pictures before darkness fell.