Fall Ridin at Indian Creek

Its come that time of year when the internal bear that resides inside starts to hibernate and I find it harder and harder to get motivated for a ride. The Thursday Night Worlds changed to Wednesday last week and I missed it due to Mrs. Goat finding Buddy Christ so I thought to ride Thursday, even had opportunity to ride a few hours with daylight if I had wanted but alas, The bear was sleeping so I didn't.

Saturday, Canyon Rat had a nice loop planned for Indian Creek and section 1 of the Colorado Trail so I decided to tag along and so did Slow. We kept the pace at a good clip with some stops for lollygagging and taking in the day. Just a beautiful fall day, Blue skies, a crisp edge to the air, trails just primed with newly fallen aspen leaves to keep it interesting.

We managed to get the whole Indian Creek Loop in along with a trip to the Platte River Valley overlook on the Colorado Trail. Near the end of the ride I think we all went into our own special places to make it back to the car. Looks like I'm losing some fitness but its all good as I've made peace with myself in that fact for winter riding.

Slow on Indian Creek


Canyon Rat and Slow in the Meadow


South Platte River Valley Overlook


Canyon Rat in the Water