Beanfest V. 2.0

Since The Tour de Goat I've now managed to get three rides under my belt. One Lunch ride of an hour, One Thursday Night Worlds, and this Weekend's BeanFest V.2.0.

Beanfest goes off every year at Buffalo Creek and is run by our local hero; Pablo. That was last weekend and I decided last weekend that instead of turning pedals I needed to hang with the family who had lost me for over seven days the week prior.

This past weekend PBR was contacted by some Boston folks who were gonna be in town and was asked to lead a ride through Buffalo Creek. Since he missed the BeanFest himself, he thought up the Beanfest V. 2.0. Camping, riding, drinking, with mexican on the side. I was just gonna head up with my girls for the camping bit but my little one had been sick last week and complained of her tummy hurting Saturday morning. So I spent the day with the girls and headed up that evening with Lubes for a night of riding with a return to the hacienda for bed.

We got there around 3:30 and the Boston crew didn't show till around 5pm so a few beers were consumed in the meantime of us talking about riding a loop and coming back for the Bostonians. Nick was there, another who had broken a Misfit/ True North Dissent and he was riding his newly repaired Dissent but as he put it, "It was a nightmare process with caution put on high alert in riding it".

photo Cred: PBR

Our ride started around 5:30 or maybe later with the fellas from Boston having to build their bikes and such. Once we got started, I pushed the pace a little high and found two of the Bostonians were in superb condition as they hung my tail like dogs on a rabbit and had me huffing like a chain smoking old lady trying to maintain the pace. This was Wraith, I'm terrible with names but great with bikes; who rode a full suspension singlespeed 29er custom built by Wraith and another fella who was on a gold Turner but riding flat pedals. Fast dudes who pushed me hard and eventually cracked me for the final climb that night. They cracked too and some of the others got past but we kept it in front for 3/4's of the ride.

All in all great fellas. All nine of em, though I can only remember Dave's name and that was because he had some big open heart/ multiple number of bypasses surgery back in February or March. The way he was riding, you couldn't tell. Lubes and I ducked out shortly after the ride so you'll have to check out PBR for all the debauchery and tomfoolery that went on that night and the next day.


  Kevin aka. PBR

October 17, 2011 at 8:38 PM

I would have hung with you "up front" i was enjoying the company and making sure all the right turns were made. Glad you and lubes made it up for the ride!

I'll see you at the front on wed. night! ;)

  The Evil MGE!

October 17, 2011 at 10:17 PM

No doubt about you being out front. I knew what you were doing. I have to have a good day to keep ol PBR in my sights on the climbs.

Missing Wednesday, the lady has business that evening.