Your Hoppy Beer Tastes Like My Balls Smell After An All Day Ride

This post title is my quote for the Day. After I wrote it I laughed for somewhere around 5 minutes. If ya don't like it dark and smooth or tasting like it has a bit of the Bean in it, I don't want your light colored, bitter tasting IPA. I still don't understand Coloradan's fascination with an IPA, the beer that tastes like my balls smell all sweaty with funk from an all day ride but whatever, just more stouts for me.


Forgive me, it is redneck week and my roots have a way of showin when I get in the mood. Must be all the 4x4ing, the fu manchu and riding trails that remind me of upstate South Carolina.


That's West Magnolia. Tight n twisty through a pine needle forest with an occasional Aspen to remind us we're still in Colorado. That we in the "we're" was the Mad Scientist and me. Both suffering some sort of devil colds that made a 15 mile ride with just 2,000 ft of altitude gain last somewhere around three and a half hours.


We did explore an unknown area but it was more then that; general fatigue, a lack of power. Though there was that rider that passed me while standing on the side of Schoolbus on a full sussy with over 6 inches of front and rear squish that I had to show that I could catch him and bag him.


This resulted in a hacking fit at the bottom while I waited on the Mad Scientist and when we rolled again, my body had nothing, just the want to lay on the side of the trail and sleep. Somehow I kept on riding, however slow but it was a good ride nevertheless.


No rides till Thursday as I'm hoping to recover for my own Gtown night ride.


May just hit the short out n back but we'll see what the body can do after a few days of rest. If you call work a rest.



  Kevin aka. PBR

October 6, 2010 at 7:07 PM

I prefer to smell my IPA after my ride NOT my balls.....just sayin

  The Evil MGE!

October 6, 2010 at 11:06 PM

While your smelling your funky balls smelling beer I'll be drinking my fine Scottish.