Its Family Time

Snow is hitting the high country in matters of what can be measured in feet, not just inches. The Front Range Cities though have been enjoying weather that can be described as damn near fall perfect. Sure, there have been those days of blustery wind with a bit of chill and rain mixed in but for the most part we have been enjoying days of sunshine and nice 60-70 degree weather. Can't get much more perfect then that.

Maybe I should be just sharing these on the family blog but as it is, I couldn't resist sharing a bit of my family since they get to suffer without my presence anytime I get to go ride. I am thankful to these beauties that they let me out to play every once in while.


In the world of riding, I've done a bit here and there but fall has demanded with sickness that I take a rest. Every time I go for a ride, it strikes back threefold with a demand for rest and I have finally relented to drugs of the perscripted sort to deal with this she-bitch of a cold.

In other unrelated cycling matters, I've taken to job searching again. I've been in the appliance field for over 13 years now and though I could take position in another appliance company doing anything from actual service to technical consulting, I'm looking at other avenues as well. Only the market will tell.

A photo of the goat, all snazzy pants. Funny, part is, this isn't far from what I usually wear at work minus the sport coat, but it got tons of remarks on Facebook from friends who haven't seen me in 15 odd years.


Yes, the years of looking the part of the Crow are definitely far gone. The Movie still rocks though!


  the original big ring

October 29, 2010 at 12:53 PM

The Ladies look great (my HELLOS to them by the way), not so much.

You need more 'part' in your hair.

  Sean Scott

October 30, 2010 at 10:56 AM

Get well my friend. I am almost healed up and ready ready to ride again.