A week of Cold

The interweb has been a place of obscurity for me of late. Hiding in the shadows, lurking in dark corners I have been. Denver has been cold as hell of late with temps staying in the single digits and if I heard correctly we hit our record low of 14 degrees below Fahrenheit last night.

Fuggin Cold I tell ya...This past weekend has many tales to be told...many beers were consumed, a few rides on the bike and the snowboard and the scariest experience I've ever had on a bike. PBR's dried blood on my gloves and jersey stand testimate to that experience that will come in a later posting but I'm happy to say I still have my beer drinking, bike riding, bald headed friend.

For now, I give you last Thursday afternoon's ride on Green Mtn...

Looking west

Snowboard Helmet, goggles, and a little frost in the soul patch

Coming up Hayden

Looking North on the Top

Down Two Towers

Another shot from Two Towers