Fear is good for the soul

So says the man who I found laying on a pile of jagged rocks with blood raining out the back of his head.

Earlier that day I called PBR right at 9am to ask about a ride he had texted to me the night before. A couple of locals were headed down to Monument to met some Colorado Springs riders for a chill ride in the Mount Herman area. I had originally bailed since I had hurt my right leg the Friday before snowboarding in Breckenridge but I woke up that Saturday morning with a spring to my step and not wanting to go slip sliding down icy slopes again, I opted for the ride.

I met PBR, Spike, and Canyonrat down in Monument...with us all riding our rigid bikes, Spike's bike wearing skinny touring spikes when we met some of the Springs folks who showed up in body armour, 6 inch + travel bikes and full face helmets. We picked on their bikes, they picked on ours and we cominced a cheerful positive energy ride. Temps were in the 30's, the sun was shining, and the trails were a perfect 3-4 inches of vanilla fluff.

Feeling strong and enjoying the ride I took to the front of the group helping the ride leader, Joe break trail for the trailing of 10 or so riders behind us. Eventually we broke out to Mount Herman Rd, a steady climbing dirt road that reminds me of the great fire road climbs of the east. It was firmly snowpacked and icy in spots but it climbed like a smooth paved road, just enough traction to never break free.

Finally we made it to what I believe is called Middle Stoopid Trail. The top is a washed out gully pitched at 30 plus degrees with a scattered assortment of jagged, rotten granite boulders. I was the third man in and discovered quickly that I was way in over my head. I consider myself a good technical rider but this laberynth of gullies and rock had me dabbing like I was doing the Irish jig set upon a bike.

I stopped at the bottom of the techical bohemith and stepped to the side as two of the armored Springs riders came barroling down the chute with their six plus inches of travel riding the boulder garden like it was a blobsled chute, their suspension absorbing every hit. I saw Kristen stop about mid way up and turn to take pictures...

Next PBR came down. He was making it then we saw his front tire get sucked between a couple of rocks and stopped..all his foward momentum slung him over the bars and we saw him dissapear behind some boulders. Next thing I know I hear Kristen yelling for help...

Continued in Fear is good for the soul part 2