Searle Pass

In an attempt to look everything Big Ring I've gone the route of the bullet pointed post but going even further to make it the "star" pointed post. This all comes in light of me now having a real job again and not being able to spend freakishly long hours on the Interweb.

*Ride some lame(not) section of the Colorado Trail in order to make myself feel like a local Coloradian...yes, that's Coloradian, not Canadian, Big Ring though I am still comfy in my Canada is that A or ay or Aye with a silent e? The Yanks wanna know
*only 3,500 ft of climbing..I suck...I did manage 12,000 ft above sea level though
* One Starter, One Finisher...I am am the winner of my own race baby!
* Finishing time..5 hours..
* a few shoulda, woulda, I need a Gibbs slap moments

*people love internal gears
*No mechanicals, no tools lost...
*I did get lost and found some cool Copper Mtn Trails to make up for it
*Easiest Hike a bike above treeline yet

Dude, frost in August, really?


Graffiti on the trail


Aww, a tasty little trail side snack


a little yummy one track


a few reminders of home


The climb through the valley, Jonas Ridge ele. 12,500 is the peak to the left, Serle Pass Lays just the other side of it


Bike in flowers....I bet Big Ring's new Pink Bike is so jealous


Above treeline(portrait by the imaginary friend George)


I asked the clouds to stay perfectly still


Cresting Serle Pass, elev 12,070


Views from the Pass...Kokomo, I want you but alas I promised my lady I would be home by by 2 so I must leave you to another day


Need rock Jeffco? I think I found where your stashing all the rubble. Hmmm..The Serle Pass butt smooth Jeffco single track or an attempt to make a 14er


Serle Pass in the background


Flockin A! I forgot about Sunday Traffic on hour and 15 min drive home took close to three hours...Georgetown and that Mythical Trail I will not speak of call my name...wait...that's next weekend.


  the original big ring

August 4, 2009 at 4:46 AM

you're trying too hard - just be yourself . . . . well . . . maybe not yourself

it's "Eh", not "Aye" (it would be "Aye" if you were a ships captain . . . in your case probably the love boat).

The Cdn jersey does still fit you? I'm surprised . . . well, we make good product up here that can be stretched to it's limit.

Dude, those are some amazing shots. Think you'd feel comfortable, despite my fondness for pink, letting me and my bike sleep on your couch?