Night of the Coyote


Last night PBR planned the TGIF TITS ride for an out and back to the Lost Creek Wilderness. Bad Andy and myself were running late and showed up at 6:50 for the 6 pm ride. The boys were gone but left us the route. Bad Andy and myself figured we lost the group for the night but since they were doing an out and back we catch them on the return trip.


About 8 miles in we saw lights in the distance. We quickly formed a plan to scare the guys and we shut off our lights and planned a ambush but we quickly realized the guys were going the the other way. They still hadn't made the Wilderness boundary. I convinced Andy for us to ride with our lights off as there was just enough twilight to illuminate the path and we made chase...I started howling like a coyote and for a mile or more kept our our pace just slightly faster then theirs with me howling every 30 seconds or so. I heard Scar yell, " Fuck you, Coyotes" and figured our cover was busted but kept at it for another half mile or so. We finally caught Scar and AV boy at the back end of the group and learned they really thought we were coyotes coming in for the kill. Too damn funny!


I was feeling frisky last night and was able to keep it about mid pack for the rest of the ride. Its the best I've felt on the bike in a while. After hitting the Wilderness boundary we back tracked to Gashouse Gulch trail and PBR was taking the group up to Sandy Wash. I decided to bail as I was about to fall asleep on the bike so Bad Andy and I took the super fun Lower Gashouse Gulch back to 543 and the cars.


Some Tasty midride treats