Night riding the jungle of Indian Creek

The skies looked ominous and as I stepped into my car the first drop of water hit my windshield. The cell phone rang and it was Ko. "Its looking pretty wet in Littleton, you still on?"
"Hell yeah, its just a little rain and we'll be in the trees."
Our plan was to ride Waterton Canyon to the Colorado Trail and from there who knew. But Waterton was closed for maintenance of the dam so Ko offered an alternative route though a neighborhood he had some friends in.

Ko on the back way into the Colorado Trail and Indian Creek

The Back way into Indian Creek

Where we passed a beautiful overlook of Roxborough State Park

over looking the Roxborough Valley

We came upon the Indian Creek loop, a beautiful jungle route that loops off of section one of the Colorado Trail.

The way Back

We took the right side of the loop and as we came off some big rollers there was a downed tree on the left side of the trail. I went right but not far enough, bounced off this tree and with the velocity it produced I slung my shoulder into a small tree that I took out with the efficiency of Paul Bunyan. Somehow I killed that poor tree, literally uprooting it from the ground and all I have is a small scratch from where I bounced off the 1st tree. I guess coming out of that one unscathed is one of the advantages of being a 205 lb juggernaut.

Nothing like riding through mountain meadows in the rain on a fine ribbon of singletrack

Meadows of Indian Creek

Colorado Trail here we come

Ko on the Colorado Trail

On the Colorado Trail

Ko on the Colorado Trail

Views Off the Colorado Trail, this area has a reputation for being Mountain Lion Habitat...Just last year Ko saw a mountain Lion right on the Indian Creek Trail...Later this evening every flash of light in the trees as my light bounced off the wet vegetation and every sound in the woods kept me on edge as I just knew we had a big hungry kitty stalking us.

looking out over the jungle

Back to Indian Creek...The moisture was so thick in the air that it smoked out all our night shots

Heavy moisture in the air

Yea, it was just a little wet...we ended up doing the whole Indian Creek Loop. Not a bad ride for a Thursday night

Just a little wet

The Alfine saw its fair share of mud tonight and while Ko's drivetrain was making all kinds of racket, the Alfine just sailed smoothly along. The Alfine has seen almost 100 miles of riding so far, I think she's going to make it.

Muddy Alfine


  Kevin aka. PBR

May 22, 2009 at 7:23 PM

Can't go wrong back there! Route sounded good too! See you early in the am!!