The Morrison Goliath

I've had a route in my head for some time now and that was just to complete Green Mtn, Dakota Ridge, Mt Falcon and Lair the Bear back to my place. After reading some good ol' MTBR, I learned of Grapevine Rd and a way to throw Apex in the loop. A Star was Born.

This morning I left my place a little after 5am as I was needing to be home by noon.

The route: Green Valley>Green Mtn> Zorro>Dakota Ridge>Mt Falcon>Pence>Lair the Bear>Little Park>Grapevine Rd>Paradise Hills>Apex>Enchanted Forest>Apex>Dakota Ridge>Zorro>Green Mtn>Bike Path and backroads. Figured I rode between 45-50 miles and home 30 minutes early and just in time for lunch! Sweet!

Green Valley in those final moments of non light to light at the break of the day always gives me the Hibbie Jibbies. All the inconspicuous shadows become a menacing beast and I jump this way and that as my headlight bounces off this bit of brush or that.

Bad Andy! Met me at 6am atop Dakota Ridge and once the ridge was done he had to buzz out for some family obligations in the earley morning hours


Digging the murals in downtown Morrison


Perspectives change but I still roll the big wheels


I always dig a good view of the Red Rocks

Wildlife on Mt Falcon


Pence was a much sweeter treat then expected. Mucho flow in there


Good to know I'm legal


Views from Pence


Cactus on the side of the trail


Stopped by the Shaman hut


and communed with the spirits for a while


and then began climbing Grapvine


I wanted to leave my 40 cents some where but no piggy banks were left on the trail


No more pictures after this folks as it was just pure focus on getting home. Deffinitley a route I'll be hitting again soon though.


  Kevin aka. PBR

May 9, 2009 at 10:59 PM

Next time i'm with ya on this one!


May 10, 2009 at 7:57 AM

Looking good MGE!