Project Ayla's 1st Mountain Bike

My oldest, Ayla, has been riding a 16" Fugi SS Bike for the past two years and the last 4 months with the seatpost at the minimum insertion mark. I've had her on some relatively easy trails such as Bear Creek Lake Park and the Stonehouse Trails in Lakewood. She's been asking me for a real mountain bike for the past year and finally I found a 2008-2009 model Scott Jr Scale 20 on the local Craigslist. It was in descent shape and the price low enough that I could be happy investing some coin to make it the bike she and I wanted,

The original bike

The Original Bike

Sanded and stripped

stripped bare

Rattle can painted with a fade ...Aqua to Metallic Blue...10 coats of clear and 3 coats of Turtle Wax Ice






Seattube/ toptube junction




The Fork with asymmetrical two tone




One of the issues I had with the Scott Scale Jr 20 is the 42x34 chainrings that are basically press-fitted on the crankset. I live in Colorado and we have a few small hills here and there and want a little easier gear for my girl to push.

I took her original cranks and cut off the large chainring and cut the 34 tooth chain ring leaving a "spider". I then measured and drilled out 104 bcd bolt spacing on the "spider" and mounted a 32 tooth Surly ring and a bash-guard I had laying in the parts bin.

The original crank and rings



modified crank...the original bolts that held the inner ring on were stripped and seized. I drilled them out and used some stainless bolts and nylon locking nuts to reinstall the cut "spider". The nuts clear the frame by about 3 mm which works for the size of the holes, 3/8's in diameter but add some weight. I'm looking into better solutions.



Its off dead center by a mm or two but biopace was cool once right? :D

Actually, I'll be going to a machinist soon to have him make me a better "spider" but this one will hold until I can get it made.

And I finally finished the bike today. She loves it and is riding really well for her 1st geared bike with hand brakes. The X3 trigger shifter was the was to go!


Installed modified crank with the Surly 32 tooth ring and a bash-guard


the long cage rear derailleur is admittedly a little long but it'll do till I can find a medium cage replacement


The 7 speed IRD freewheel is a thing of beauty...better be for $45


The lock on grips will eventually be replaced with the 30mm ESI silicone Racer Grips



just so happened to have a pink Chris King headset that wasn't seeing any use


Avid Single Digit 3R's for the stoppers



Almost two months in the making and a very happy girl as a final result. Weeeeee!!!


Mods so far...

Frame and fork stripped and repainted
Pink Chris King Headset
Avid single Digit 3 V Brakes
Shimano UN55 Bottom Bracket
Bontrager SX 20x2.00 tires
Race Face Evolve 26.8 Seatpost
Easton 50mm stem
Truvativ Hussefelt 2 inch riser bars
Front and rear wheel axles taken apart and repacked with grease
Upgraded from 2x6 (easiest gear was 34x28) to 1x7 (easiest gear is 32x32)
Pink cable housing shifter and brake housing
Sram X3 rear derailleur and trigger shifter
IRD 7 speed 13-32 freewheel (originally 6 speed 13-28, went with IRD due to no huge jumps between gears..13, 15, 17, 21, 24, 28, 32)
modified crank with a Surly 32 tooth Chainring and bashguard
Blue ESI Silicone Racer's 30mm grips on order



May 28, 2012 at 9:05 AM

Lucky daughter!!
I didn't get a bike that blingy till.....wait, I still don't!

  the original big ring

June 3, 2012 at 4:21 PM

Lucky kid!