Mojo Hunting

For the last couple of months I've been suffering with Mojo issues. No will to ride but sneaking an occasional one in. My attitude has been the pits and to my friends and family who had to deal with it, I am truly sorry.

Today I am on a Mojo Hunt. It was originally thought to head to Lyons for the Annual Memorial Weekend ride but to tell you the truth I've been a bit homesick of late. Homesick for some east coast style riding. There's only one place in all of Colorado that can offer that feeling of being in the deep dark humid jungles of Pisgah National Forest and that is in the Indian Creek loops and section one of the Colorado Trail. So I'll be headed there today with a group of hardy folks. Gummy Bears, Beef Jerky and a Coke in my pack along with a water filter, space blanket and other items of survival.

Ringtail Ferns

Its time to find my mojo. I'm thinking it might take all day with a few naps between pedals but when I come back....Mojo will be with me again!


  the original big ring

May 28, 2011 at 8:38 AM

I hear you Brother. This Spring has been the worst ever. Through in family, work and health issues and I've found the best recipe for mojo sucking energy. My ONLY goal this year is to be fit for the Fall trip to CO. I'm sure as it gets closer my mojo will be topped out.
Good luck mojo hunting!