HD Video, A Jersey, And A New Camera

Just the other night a friend pulls out a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS1 camera, gives it to me and says I'm tired of viewing all your blurry ass pictures, make some Magic. To That, I give you Magic, well in a short teasing sort of way but shooting HD Video is sweet and when I finally figure out that Handlebar mount I want, it'll be even sweeter.

I give you 50 some odd seconds of the Red Rocks and the tail end of Dakota Ridge. There would've been more Dakota but I've never shot video before and it kind of came as an afterthought about midway through the ride.

I promise in the future I'll not be repeating a bunch of the same video. At the time I was shooting it I didn't even know if I was doing it right and running back up the hill after setting up the camera became tiring pretty quickly.

The second hurdle was figuring out the video software which in the test video I used Windows Movie Maker...pretty simple and easy to learn. I'm looking at the Adobe Premiere Elements as an upgrade though.

On to the second bit of greatness. That being the new Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventure Race Jersey offered by Pisgah Productions. Only $69 and you get to wear a jersey made after the greatest mountain bike race on the east coast and even cooler that it was designed by the Great Brado! Keep in mind they run a bit small so being 6 ft tall and 208 lbs of a semi muscular build with padding, I went with an XL.

Oh, the new camera does take pictures and as a signing off, I give you some eye candy

...Looking towards Green Mtn from the Saddle of Dakota Ridge



Some Dakota Ridge Technical Goodness

Mount Morrison and the Red Rocks


Looking south from Matthew Winters


If your a local...get out and hit it now...Trails are prime with only a touch of wet here and there.


  the original big ring

January 26, 2011 at 9:37 AM

Cool video - dig the blending. Makes my videos look all hacky and crap. Good to be on the bike too.