Spikefest 10'

Everything you wanted to know about Spikefest 2010 in a nice rounded up little photo summary...me: still on the El Mariachi 34 x 22 singlespeed and riding strong all day, about 57 miles, a variant route from Kenosha Pass to Breckenridge where thunderstorms beer and brew awaited, sun broke free and a mad dash was made to Como to get the cars after a family emergency drew me off the original course. All is well.

My 1st Moose were seen on the drive to Kenosha

Moose near Kenosha Pass

On the way to Georgia Pass

Riding toward Georgia Pass

Mateo on the CT Bridge

Mateo on the bridge

PBR coming up fast

PBR railing the CT

Gummy Bears enjoy views too

Gummy Bears enjoy views too

CanyonRat, the great man who loaned me the El Mariachi to keep me sane, who has also never ridden any of Kenosha Pass, couldn't keep the smiles off his face

Jerry above treeline

Troy railing the CT with Mt Guyot in the background

Troy Railing

PBR and Mt Guyot

PBR coming down the CT

The Master of Ceremonies, Spike

Spike with the Breckenridge Mountains

Spike hiking the Flume Marsh

Spike hiking through the Marsh

The Great Flume Wall...

bikes on the flume wall

CanyonRat on the talus slope

Jerry on the Talus slope

Mateo, Spike, and CanyonRat racing the approaching Storm

Mateo, Spike and Jerry on the American Flume

PBR crossing the Little French Gulch

PBR on Little French Gulch

Lubes at Sally Barber Mine

Lubes riding by Sally Barber Mine

Lubes on the Breckenstunts

Lubes on the wooden stunts

PBR on the Breckenstunts

PBR on the wooden stunts

A Rotary Snow Plow in Breckenridge, These things are cool to see in action!

Rotary Snow Plow